Student Government Association




Greetings Golden Ram family,


Welcome Ram family and visitors! The ASUSGA has a lot in store for you this school year and all we need is your support! This year we will focus on completing our new platform “Connecting the B.L.O.C.K.S!”
Building Faculty, Staff, and Alumni connections.
Luring in potential rams and focusing on effective recruitment.
Optimizing and increasing the retention rate.
Creating a positive relationship with our community.
Keeping school spirit, unity and morale.
Seeking improvements of campus customer service.
This platform will help Albany State University reach its true potential! Always remember that SGA is here to serve YOU, the students! The ASUSGA will be a listening device built to empower students and address any needs. Again, welcome to the UNSINKABLE Albany State University where your potential is realized!
ASUSGA Mission & Vision
We the elected servant leaders of the Albany State University Student Government Association {ASUSGA} will effectively lead and represent our student body to the best of our abilities. The ASUSGA will work to develop the intellectual, physical, and social aspects of our campus. Additionally, the ASUSGA will be a bridge of open communication to the administration, faculty, staff, alumni, and the Albany/Dougherty community to ensure the best interest of our student body is sought.
The ASUSGA will be a trend setting student governing body that ensures all common interest of our campus are met. The ASUSGA will work to promote school spirit, academic achievement, and positive relationships between students, university personnel and the community. By promoting these elements the ASUSGA will be viewed as a model governing body for other student governments in Georgia and nationally.