Cost Comparison  & Housing Options

Housing and Residence Life is committed to providing an on-campus experience that is safe, comfortable and supportive of our student's academic success and personal growth. There are four various types of residence halls offered at Albany State University - Traditional Style, Modern Style, Suite Style and Apartment Style.  Each of them offer their own unique experience, while they all offer comfort, safety, and educational opportunities based on the needs and interests of the residents.
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Click here to view cost for Spring 2013.  We encourage applicants to compare the current cost against next year's cost to make well-informed decisions for the room selection process.

Rams All Access: 275 meals per semester/$225 to spend on campus eateries, i.e Subway, Grill, etc.

Rams Gold: 200 meals per semester/$125 to spend on campus eateries, i.e Subway, Grill, etc.

Rams 80: 80 meals per semester/$55 to spend on campus eateries, i.e. Subway, Grill, etc. (for students residing in apartments only)

*All rates are subject to change 


Click the links below to view details about our living options.

Freshmen Living Options

New Modern Style Halls includes Hall 5

Upperclassmen Living Options

Modern Style Halls+ includes East Hall and South Hall

Suites/Apartments Style Halls includes Hall 1, 2, 3 & 4
(Note: Hall 3 and 4 have credit hour requirements)

New Suites Style includes Hall 6

+ Single rooms offered on 1st floor only in South Hall and 1st and 2nd floor only in East Hall.

Rent includes:

Outside dumpster trash collection

Sewer Service                               

High-speed Internet

Utilities (some restrictions
may apply)

Over 72 Basic
Cable Channels

Wireless Internet