How to Verify That Your Authorized Financial Aid Covers the Cost of Your Tuition

1.       Open your web browser to and Click on Campus Life


2.       Click on Banner


3.       Click on Login to Secure Area


4.       Enter your User ID and PIN


5.       Click on Student Services & Financial Aid


6.       Click on Student Account Information


7.       Click on Account Detail for Term


8.       Select a Term from the drop down list and Click Submit


9.       The Tuition, Fee and Housing charges (if applicable) are listed under Term Detail


10.    Scroll to the bottom to see the Net Term Balance (This is the balance for the current term), you may also see future charges listed under Net Balance for Other Terms


11.   The financial aid is listed under the Authorized Financial Aid Section, if the Current Due net of Authorized Financial Aid is $0.00, then you have enough Financial Aid to cover your charges.  If the Current Due net of Authorized Financial Aid is not $0.00, then click on Make a Payment at the bottom of the screen to pay by check or credit card.