Undergraduate Programs


The College is among other Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree programs in Georgia that follow the collaborative Georgia RN-BSN Articulation model for Registered Nursing Students.

Visualization of Nursing License

During registration of RN student for NURS 4240 (Community Health Nursing) and NURS 4344 (Senior Seminar), the Nursing advisor will visualize the RN's original Georgia Nursing license and subsequently will sign a form indicating that the license is current.

Graduate Programs

The graduate program in nursing at Albany State University is built on the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree.  The program is designed to prepare individuals who are highly knowledgeable in advanced clinical nursing, and whose education will enable them to make significant contributions to health care as Family Nurse Practitioners (FNP) or Nurse Educators (NE).  The FNP concentration requires 44 semester hours and the NE concentration requires 36 semester hours.  Each area of concentration is designed to be completed within two calendar years.