Publication and Design Services

The purpose of this website is to acquaint the various offices, divisions, departments and colleges at ASU with publication policies and procedures of the university. Please refer to this site to answer questions that may arise regarding printing and/or publishing requests. If you still have questions, contact the Office of University Communications.

With the advent of desktop publishing, writing and designing publications such as brochures, newsletters, flyers, etc., is much easier. Producing electronic/digital media has been greatly simplified. Making the production of materials easier is great, but the downside is that not everyone is a designer or has had training and/or experience in producing materials.

Consequently, materials produced by the various colleges, departments, divisions and offices often have a look unto themselves that may or may not be consistent and in harmony with that of the rest of ASU. As publications are one of the key marketing components of the university, it is important that they be used effectively. It is important to remember that the university must present a consistent, uniform and professional image.

To ensure the university is represented in a consistent and effective manner and that all of the rules and regulations set down by University System of Georgia Board of Regents are met, University Communications serves as the supervising entity for all publications. This charge can be accomplished only if the proper steps are followed.

Aspire is ASU's annual alumni magazine. To read the current issue of Aspire, click here.