THE CENTER FOR THE AFRICAN AMERICAN MALE                                

CAAM seeks to enable students to discover their authentic identities by allowing them to achieve their full potential as scholars and assume leadership roles in their community upon graduation. Founded in 1988, by Dr. Billy Black and colleagues, the Center for the African American Male was designed to promote positive influence, education and growth. Since its inception, CAAM has worked to increase retention, promote positive self image, engage in mentorship collaborations and through sponsored research provide critical information relating to African American Males in our community.

Moving forward, CAAM stands resolute, not only to create an environment that increases retention of African American Males but also to enhance the academic performance of freshmen males enrolled at Albany State University.  Annual statistical analysis and comparison of non-CAAM to CAAM members regarding retention, grade point average and graduation rates will occur.  In keeping with Albany State University's Strategic Plan, Goal number three, CAAM  hired a Community Engagement Specialist to increase our community involvement with initiatives that serve African American Males. Member's lives will be enhanced by working with the community, by mentoring, tutoring, Monthly Meetings, Saturday Academies, and Male Dialogues. CAAM will augment and foster mentoring opportunities within our service areas for males in surrounding school systems via Saturday Academies, Male Dialogues, Youth Summits and Conferences. This contributes to advancing African American Males not only at Albany State University, but also within the City of Albany and the Southwest Georgia region. Continually nurtured and supported in positive ways, members of CAAM are becoming and will become successful leaders and contributors to a more just society.  CAAM works with and provides resources and information to all African American Male Initiatives in our twenty-four county service areas.

CAAM also provides mentoring services to its members as a means to assist with retention and academic achievement. The hiring of a Faculty Advisor will aid in the creation of individual partnerships between CAAM members, faculty, staff and student life. This appointment, will aid in the development of at least ten individual partnerships within our university community. We will monitor the academic success of students through the Grades First Early Alert system and work closely with the Center for Academic Advising and Retention. CAAM will work vigorously to expand its scope and range on a continuous basis to ensure it remains the key resource and leader in advancing the lives of African American Males in Southwest Georgia.