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Distinguished Alumnus of March

Name: Johnnie Bryant, Jr.

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry

Graduated: 1992

Employer: Chevron Corporation

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Albany State University Alumnus' Profile

Johnnie was a dual-degree student, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry from ASU and a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Tech. He also received a Master of Business Administration from Rice University in 2003.
Upon graduating from ASU, he began working for Chevron Corporation as a process engineer at the company's Baytown chemical plant, where he managed projects to design, evaluate, and maintain the operating efficiency of assigned units. Subsequent activities in Chevron's chemicals organization included roles marketing normal alpha olefins in New England, analyzing business profitability and strategy, managing supply chain operations for cumene and cyclohexane, and managing styrene accounts in Latin America.
In 2007, he entered Chevron's crude trading organization as a commercial decision analyst—progressing through Operations and Trader roles, buying and selling mid-continent crude oil to meet business requirements, and trading speculatively to capitalize on market inefficiencies. He is currently the West Coast crude trading manager; his team is responsible for marketing Chevron's equity crude in California and Alaska.
Johnnie considers his career to be his greatest accomplishment: "I've been afforded the opportunity to continuously remake myself during my tenure at Chevron. Changing careers every few years means that I'm not really an expert of any area, but I'm able to take something from each experience and add value throughout the corporation. Most importantly, I don't get bored and I'm having fun."

Johnnie’s memories of Albany State University are filled with thoughts of family and friends. His mother is an alumna and an ASU retiree; her presence on the campus resulted in a comforting self-assurance that made the world of difference in transitioning to college life. Working in Dr. Smith's chemistry lab laid the foundation for his interest in pursuing a career in the sciences. Professors like Mrs. Mary Gervin, Mrs. Connie Leggett, and Dr. Surendra Pandey inspired him to work harder. Pledging Alpha Kappa Mu under the guidance of Dr. Mollie Brown helped him to develop aspirations bigger than his dreams.

Johnnie credits Albany State University for laying the foundation for life, which has been full of challenge and adventure.