Honors Program

Honors Program


The Velma Fudge Grant Honors Program represents a commitment made by Albany State University (ASU) to broaden and enrich educational experiences of bright, highly motivated and creative students. Honors Program students are provided opportunities for scholarships, access to special extracurricular programs, a chance to pursue independent projects and research interests, professional experience through internship programs and special service options. Through its specially designed curriculum, the University provides the opportunity for faculty to teach academically talented students in inventive, interdisciplinary, small class settings designed to fulfill core curriculum requirements, as well as in advanced or intensive classes in particular disciplines. The Honors Program is specifically designed for academic scholarship recipients, academically talented students, and entering freshman and transfer students with a proven dedication to academic excellence and scholarship. The Honors Program student must reach beyond good grades for success and have the courage to demonstrate superior ethical leadership in his/her chosen field of study.


Dr. Melvin A. Shelton, Honors Program Director
Telephone: 229-430-1632
Email: melvin.shelton@asurams.edu
Office: ACAD Building, Room 291-B

Ms. Dedra S. Harvey, Honors Program Coordinator
Telephone: 229-430-2811
Email: dedra.harvey@asurams.edu
Office: ACAD Building, Room 291-C

Mrs. Cheryl G. Mosley, Administrative Specialist 
Telephone: 229-430-1632
Email: cheryl.mosley@asurams.edu
Office: ACAD Building, Room 291-A
Fax Number: 229-430-1627