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Online Faculty Orientation

Welcome to Albany State University’s Online Faculty Orientation to the current Learning Management System Desire 2 Learn. We hope you find this presentation to be both informative and encouraging.

This online orientation to ASU technology enhancedhybrid or completely online courses is designed for new and current faculty to provide a "one stop shop" for resources necessary to be successful in conducting technology enhancedhybrid or completely online courses.

The information provided is for new and current faculty members.  Be sure to bookmark this site for future reference so you can access it at any time when you have questions. This site will be updated as the year progress with more resources.

All ASU technology enhancedhybrid or completely online courses are delivered using Desire2Learn Learning Environment.

Google Chrome is the recommended web browser and can be downloaded by clicking here: Google Chrome Broswer

logoDesire2Learn Learning 
Environment Resources

Click on the titles below to view webpage or download tutorials.

  • Accessing Your Course - Login Instructions | Intro to D2L & Navigation | Faculty General FAQs
    • Learn how to access current courses in the Desire2Learn Learning Environment.

  • Content - Create New Modules | Uploading Files | Adding Activities | Import Content
    • Understand the Content and Course Builder tools which allow you to organize materials in D2L. While the Course Builder allows you to access and organize content items, the Content lets you and your students access files including Office files, PDFs, and HTML documents of the course.

  • Attendance - Creating Register | Taking Attendance | Unenroll Students from D2L | Student Progress
    • Understand the Attendance tool that allows you to record students' presence at or participation in course-related sessions. They allow you to add information such as class lists and events in order to quickly and easily record student attendance.

  • Discussions - Creating Forum & Topic 
    • Understand the Discussion collaboration tool area where you can post, read and reply to messages on different topics share thoughts about course materials, ask questions, share files, or where students can work with peers on assignments and homework.

  • Dropbox - Accessing Submission from Gradebook | Using TurnitIn | Using Grademarker
    • Understand the Dropbox tool in Desire2Learn allows for you to set up folders that users can submit their assignments to. This eliminates the need to collect assignments and helps you track when assignments are submitted.

  • Grades - Setup | Adding Categories Points or Weighted | Adding Items | Grading Assignments | RubricsDeleting 
    • Understand the Grade section which allows for you to structure the value put on different assignments and evaluations throughout the semester.

  • Quizzes - Creating Quiz | Importing Testbank | Grading Quizzes
    • Understand the Quizzes tool to manage quizzes that you have created, copied, or imported; manage questions using the question library; preview, organize, and grade your quizzes; view quizzes by category or availability; view current, future, and past quizzes; view course and quiz statistics; create categories and place your quizzes in them.

  • External Learning Tools - Wimba Classroom
    • Understand External Learning Tools such as Wimba, LiveText & McGraw-Hill Campus Integration to course.