Message From The Dean

Dr. Kimberly King-Jupiter, Dean

Welcome to the website of the College of Education at Albany State University. Since 1903, our institution has prepared educators. We have a rich, vibrant history, a presence rooted in excellence and we plot to ensure that our College has an exceptional future. In 2009 Diverse Issues in Higher Education ranked our College 3rd nationally in the production of African American students with four-year undergraduate degrees in education and 3rd in the overall number of minority students with four-year undergraduate degrees in education. We accomplished this task while being committed to the success of all students that we admit to our College. Consequently, we have a 78% retention rate for undergraduate students placing us in the top 3 institutions in the University System of Georgia. The vision for our College is to continue to contribute to the diversity of the nation’s teaching population while also producing teacher candidates exceptionally qualified to set high expectations for our nation’s children and to help these children meet these high expectations. Simply setting minimal achievement goals for students is not something we want our graduates to embrace when they enter their own classrooms. Our vision is to create graduates capable of ensuring that all students’ potential is realized.

As students commit to developing into an exceptional educator, the faculty and staff in Albany State University’s College of Education are fully committed to the delivery of a rigorous and engaging experience to make students’ dreams come true. Our academic programs are accredited by SACS,NCATE, and the Georgia PSC. We offer exceptional academic programs leading to certification in the following areas: Early Childhood Education, Health and Physical Education, Middle Grades Education, Music Education, Secondary Education and Special Education. Additionally, students can pursue non-certification programs in Health, Physical Education and Recreation. At the graduate level, in addition to advanced programs in the aforementioned areas, students can pursue Master’s level programs in Educational Leadership and School Counseling. Consistent with our desire to deliver quality academic programs to students from various backgrounds, students now have the option to take courses on-line. In Fall, 2010, we launched our first on-line academic program in Early Childhood Education. Stay abreast of new on-line programs with periodic visits to our website.

In closing, thank you for visiting our College’s website. We hope you have found it informative and that you return periodically to stay updated on the events taking place.

Sincerely, Kimberly L. King-Jupiter, Ph.D. 

Dean, College of Education 

“Leveraging our past and providing excellent academic experiences in the present so that students can realize their potential in the future.”