MINOR IN SCLM has been approved:

A MINOR in Supply Chain and Logistics Management (SCLM) has recently been approved. The completion of 18 additional credit hours (six classes) is required: MGMT 3106, MGMT 4199, LOGM 3220, LOGM 4210, LOGM 4225, LOGM 4230. College of Business Majors can complete a Minor in SCLM by taking the four LOGM classes.

"PLS" DESIGNATION now available to both SCLM MAJORS and MINORS:

ASU graduates who complete a Major or Minor in SCLM are eligible to receive a professional designation called "PLS", which stands for "Professional designation in Logistics and Supply-chain management". The "PLS" designation is awarded by the American Society of Transportation and Logistics (AST&L) and requires no additional coursework or tests beyond the requirements for a Major or Minor in SCLM. This designation allows ASU graduates the privilege to add the "PLS" designation after their name on correspondence, resume, and business cards. This credential is widely recognized throughout the United States, China and India. For more information on the AST&L organization, please visit

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