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Welcome to the cyber home of southwest Georgia’s citadel for creative and critical thinkers, scholastic explorers, academic and artistic practitioners--  the College of Arts and Humanities at Albany State University.

The College of Arts and Humanities plays a vital role in the University’s unswerving commitment to “educating minds to lead in a changing world” by providing the majority of the core curriculum offerings for all undergraduate degree programs of the University. Additionally, all departments within the College offer outstanding academic and cultural programs in which faculty and students participate for the enrichment of the entire University community and its twenty-four county service area.

Arts and Humanities boast among its faculty some of the most celebrated teachers, academicians, researchers, and visual and performing artists in Georgia and beyond. These diverse, dedicated scholars deliver a thorough liberal arts background consistent with our mission, encourage a love for learning, enable heightened facility for academic inquiry, and foster a greater and deeper appreciation for the arts in all its forms. Likewise, our students are among the brightest and best the University has to offer. They are engaged, intellectual, energetic, talented men and women with tremendous capacity for learning and growth. They participate in the myriad of Arts and Humanities sponsored activities including student research, creative writing, historical and political debate, professional internships, visual arts exhibitions, theatrical productions, and departmental concerts and recitals.

I invite you to visit the websites of each of the Departments in the College of Arts and Humanities, learn about the various academic degree programs, meet the professors and students, and read about their numerous activities and accomplishments. I also invite you to attend one of the College’s lectures, colloquia, seminars, recitals, concerts, or exhibitions. Come for a visit—real or virtual. We’ll be expecting you.

Leroy E. Bynum, Jr., DMA

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