Learning Support



The Academic Success Unit is new to Albany State University as it replaces the old Department of Learning Support.  In an effort to eliminate non-credit remediation from the state and research universities as of 2012-2013, a new Complete College Georgia Plan Committee was formed. Schools were asked to get rid of non-credit remediation, and Albany State University’s Learning Support Department was replaced with a unit which had a new mission—to give students the opportunity to enroll at the university  but  to also provide them with more academic assistance as they try to get through their Gateway courses.  As a result of the transformation of remediation, Albany State University’s new  Academic Success Unit offers three courses and one Learning Community all of which give  students college credit and required lab support when needed.  The mission of the unit is to encourage giving students access to the university, help retain them by providing lab-supported college credit bearing courses and ultimately paving the way  to skilled, work force ready graduates from the university.

            The four academic courses, including one learning community course, are as follows:

            English 1101A – English Composition

            English 1125A – Critical Thinking and Reading across the Curriculum

            Math 1111A – College Algebra

            ASU 1201 – Foundations of College Success


In order to enroll in the first three courses listed above, students will still need to make certain SAT/ACT scores in order to be classified as full freshmen,  but those who are in an at-risk category will be required to enroll in lab-supported courses in order to help them get through Gateway courses as well as heavy reading courses  to include the sciences, social sciences, literature and the like.  Also provided for these at-risk students will be additional supplemental instruction, workshops, peer tutors, and lab assistants.